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As a Vitality Directory professional member your personal listing will be front and center to help you attract potential clients. Each category is reserved for only a few key members to assure preferential visibility throughout the site. Affordable membership in each health-related category is limited by county, so you won’t be lost in a long line of competitors. Our focus is on driving potential leads to your profile through search engine optimization and promoting use of the Vitality Locator tool.


How are we Different?

This custom-built, geo-enhanced site quickly identifies a visitor’s location and displays a list of available members. Vitality Locator search options make it easy for visitors to select multiple professional categories and find exactly what they want in one easy step! From mobile devices, the site adapts to function flawlessly for those on the run. Topical blogs, promotions and events make the site fresh with interesting information to keep visitors coming back.

The Vitality Directory profile is a full featured “mini” website to showcase your business.

Professional Members are the stars on Vitality Directory — you won’t see distracting vendor advertising.

Other members within your professional category will never be promoted in or around your profile page.

Events you input are featured both on your profile page and the Events tab.

Entered promotions are posted on your profile page and the Promotions tab.

Search engine results link consumers directly to your profile page .

Your website and social media links are highly visible to drive consumers to your business.

Be among the elite members of this exclusive online directory and propel your business to greater success in your local market!

Yearly Vitality Directory Membership $540.00

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Vitality Directory is cost effective and provides high value. Due to limited availability within each professional category, securing a spot within your given profession provides you the best possible exposure. Your professional profile pages are a rich environment to showcase you and your business:

- Post schedules and publicize events

- Participate in a two-way communication with potential clients

- Input promotions and feature videos

Vitality Directory is more than an online tool. Our founder and staff not only have a passion for health, fitness and nutrition, they actively focus on new ways to promote the practice of buying local. To that end, Vitality Directory surpasses the expected by creating a compelling site for the health-minded to visit on a regular basis where they will find regular wellness blogs and a calendar with relevant groupings of community events.

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Vitality Directory wants to help you get started faster! Our team will fill out and optimize your Vitality Directory Professional Member profile so you can focus on your profession. Once completed you will be notified. Then you are free to make changes such as entering promotions or a planned event.

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Watch this brief video presentation on Vitality Directory Membership benefits.

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