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Your organization has been identified as “Best in Class” within the hearing healthcare category by Unitron.

Unitron selected your business to help build a local Power Group in the Vitality Locator.


To learn more about this great tool, take a moment to watch the following video:

Of the 14 Unitron hearing aid provider locations added as Professional Members in July, 80% are found on Page 1 of Google!

Hearing Healthcare Compliments Wellness Categories

As a marketing strategy, Unitron has identified Vitality Directory as a medium to reach healthy agers who are attracted to this website for compelling diet, fitness and wellness resources. The category of hearing healthcare is integrated into the site with a host of other professional wellness categories increasing the opportunity for consumers to consider hearing health services.

Move to the Front of the Line

Vitality Locator CategoriesAs a Vitality Directory professional member your personal listing will be front and center to help you attract potential clients. Each category is reserved for only a few key members to assure preferential visibility throughout the site.

This custom-built, geo-enhanced tool quickly identifies a visitor’s location and displays a list of available members from a broad range of local health and fitness professionals. Please take a moment to look around and get familiar with some of the other pages on the site including health/fitness articles and diet/nutrition blogs.

Unitron Logo MainWhether you are first in your market area or part of a larger Power Group in the Vitality Locator tool, your professional profile pages are a rich environment to showcase you and your business. From your back office profile tool, you can maximize your profile by adding testimonials, a video, promotions and events along with a host of other information.

Propel your business to greater success in your local market with your Vitality Directory business profile tool!


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