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Woman with Hand Weights ImageLook Your Best During the Holidays

Is there a party or family get together coming up where you want to look your best? Many of us struggle to meet our yearly fitness goals in time for the holidays! Here are some tips that will help.

Tips to Burn 100 Calories

Get started burning 100 calories every day to get fit and help with weight maintenance. Here are some ways to burn at least 100 calories.

In 5 minutes

-Chop wood continuously

-Ride your stationary bike at a 20 mph pace

In 10 minutes

-Jump rope continuously

-Play a quick game of racquetball

-Swim laps without stopping

-Play a short tennis game

-Ski down that black diamond run

-Shovel snow

In 15 minutes

-Tread water

-Lift weights continuously

-Enjoy a short aerobics class

-Walk uphill

-Paint a small room or part of a big one!

-Clean a gutter

In 20 minutes

-Rake leaves

-Wash and wax the station wagon or SUV

-Walk briskly through the mall

-Take a leisurely bike ride

-Adopt a highway and volunteer to pick up trash

In 30 minutes

-Play the piano

-Slow dance continuously

-Play 10 games of pool, averaging three minutes per game

-Put up holiday lights outside the house

-Crew a sailboat

-Push your child in a stroller

-Take the dog for a walk

Author: American Diabetes Association


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