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2014 featured-blog-image Nikki
14 APRIL 2014

Two Variations on Traditional Yoga Worth Trying

With the buzz about celebrities and their yoga obsessions, it’s likely you know by now about the many health benefits that the long-term practice of yoga may bring. What you might not know is that there are other variations to the yoga classes offered in your neighborhood fitness center, all with their own added bonuses. […]

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Yoga Health Benefits
29 AUGUST 2013

Long Term Health Benefits of Yoga

Research Supports Yoga’s Long Term Impacts on Health Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety. “Here we have shown, to our knowledge for the first time, that there are rapid (within 2 hours of start of practice) and significant gene […]

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Start Yoga
18 DECEMBER 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Start Yoga

Think Yoga for Health Is it time to select a new health activity? If you have yet to take up yoga it may be time to investigate why others decided to get started.¬†Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation. Yoga can improve your health by helping to […]

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