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Cancer Prevention
16 FEBRUARY 2015

Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Cancer Prevention Month February is Cancer Prevention Month sponsored by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR). The trifecta of cancer prevention remains weight management, exercise and eating healthy foods. This year, new research ranks fruit and vegetable choices as it related to nutritional value for a more specific guide to better eating. Basics of […]

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2015 Healthy Weight Week
15 JANUARY 2015

Healthy Weight Week

Give Up Dieting Healthy Weight Week – January 19-23, 2015 – has been around for 25 years and encourages a change in lifestyle as opposed to dieting as the best approach for losing weight. Each year resources are offered to help educate people on the truth behind the latest hype associated with solutions promoted for […]

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Happy New Year
1 JANUARY 2015

5 Healthier New Years Resolutions

New Year, New You! It’s incredible how time flies, isn’t it? With the New Year upon us, it’s likely you’ve been thinking about your resolutions, if you haven’t made them already. Like many people, you might struggle with finding resolutions worth sticking to. If you want to make a change but you’re unsure of just […]

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Cheating on you diet
24 JANUARY 2013

It’s Healthy to Cheat on Your Diet?

Permission To Vary From Your Diet is Granted There is good news for thousands of people who diet to improve their health. A little cheating on the diet one meal at a time is better than ignoring the diet for an entire day. However, the calorie count for the day when varying should not exceed […]

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Appetite Control
17 JANUARY 2013

Fine Tune Exercise and Appetite Control

Appetite Control, Hormones and Exercise Tied In To Weight Loss Multiple studies conclude that sticking to a program of exercise that includes alternating walking, running and quiet time/meditation will aid in appetite control. It is proven that exercise impacts hormones which ties into burning calories and appetite control. One month is too short a time […]

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Weight Loss Tips - Health and Wellness Blog
28 JULY 2012

Weight Loss Tips

Look Your Best During the Holidays Is there a party or family get together coming up where you want to look your best? Many of us struggle to meet our yearly fitness goals in time for the holidays! Here are some tips that will help. Tips to Burn 100 Calories Get started burning 100 calories […]

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