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Sweet Potato
15 NOVEMBER 2014

Secret of the Sweet Potato

Just How Good is this Thanksgiving Favorite? For many people, the belief that if it tastes good it can’t be good for you runs rampant. We know better, though, because with just a little research it is easy to find flavor-friendly food choices that give you all the vitamins you need and none of the […]

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Quinoa Sweet Potato Vegetarian Meatballs
26 NOVEMBER 2013

Quinoa and Sweet Potato “Meatballs”

Meatless Vegetarian Entree with Quinoa Who says you have to give up meatballs if you become a vegetarian? Quinoa-encrusted sweet potatoes make for a unique alternative to greasy and fatty ground beef. These healthier “meatballs” are delicious, and go perfectly on a nice bed of greens for dinner. Vegetarian dishes get an unwarranted bad rap […]

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