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Healthy Road Trip
10 NOVEMBER 2015

Better Health During a Road Trip

Hit the Road With Ease Remember summer vacation with the cooler in the back seat full of sandwiches and drinks? It was a good idea then and now as a way to eat well when traveling. While it is certainly a treat to try local specialty foods, too much variation from a healthy diet can […]

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Holiday Health

Boosting Your Holiday-Season Immune System

Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday! Everyone want to enjoy their holiday season. It’s an exciting time full of shopping, gifts, food, and fun! For many of us it is an opportunity to see the family members we miss most and to enjoy time spent making great memories. But with all the visits and trips, your […]

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Skin Month

November is National Healthy Skin Month!

Take Care of Your Skin! The skin is the body’s largest organ and is responsible for much of the body’s outer protection, so why not take good care of it? With winter approaching, many of us will be facing the challenge of dry, cracking skin as the cold moves in and the moisture in our […]

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Acupuncture for Balanced Energy
17 OCTOBER 2014

Acupuncture for Balanced Energy

An Age Old Holistic Helper Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that is practiced by the insertion of very thin needles into the skin at strategic points. For the Chinese, it is a treatment that evolved to align the body and mind and to regulate the flow of energy through the body, creating […]

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High Cholesterol Health

Be Heart Healthy, Avoid High Cholesterol

September is National High Cholesterol Education Month! According to the CDC (or Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 71 million adults suffer from high cholesterol and only one third of them have the condition under control. To make matters even worse, high cholesterol, like high blood pressure raises the likelihood of life-threatening conditions such as […]

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Tai Chi – An Alignment of Body and Mind
1 AUGUST 2014

Tai Chi – An Alignment of Body and Mind

Align your body and mind through gentle movement. To some, the difference between Tai Chi and Yoga might appear to stop at the name, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While both practices strive towards similar goals, they have vastly different principles and benefits for their user. Tai Chi was developed in China […]

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16 JULY 2014

This July, Take Control of UV Safety

July is UV Safety Month! As summer comes to a peak, beach days are frequent and you – and many others – are taking advantage of the lovely warmth and the beautiful oceans. A bad sunburn can ruin a good vacation with your family, so it’s important to take steps to prevent them. There are […]

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Oral Health
11 MARCH 2014

Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

Oral Health Concerns in U.S. Poor oral health is often overlooked when assessing our overall health, even though studies show that oral health might contribute to a variety of diseases and health conditions. Despite efforts to educate the public on this health risk, a significant number of people in the U.S. have gum disease or […]

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CrossFit Programs

CrossFit Explained

CrossFit For Everyone Beware if you call CrossFit a gym. Misconceptions abound when it comes to differentiating CrossFit from the other methods and venues for people to work out. There is, in fact, a journal outlining the methodology of CrossFit. This journal dispels the belief that there is no beginners program and that CrossFit is […]

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30 OCTOBER 2013

Diabetes Health Effects – Myths and Facts

Understanding Diabetes Grasping the breadth and depth of diabetes is challenging because this disease is sneaky at first, however it impacts organs and causes a host of health issues over time. When sugar levels are out of control the immune system is opened to all sorts of attacks. Diabetes Myths Myth: Diabetes is not that […]

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