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14 APRIL 2014

Two Variations on Traditional Yoga Worth Trying

With the buzz about celebrities and their yoga obsessions, it’s likely you know by now about the many health benefits that the long-term practice of yoga may bring. What you might not know is that there are other variations to the yoga classes offered in your neighborhood fitness center, all with their own added bonuses. […]

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CrossFit Programs

CrossFit Explained

CrossFit For Everyone Beware if you call CrossFit a gym. Misconceptions abound when it comes to differentiating CrossFit from the other methods and venues for people to work out. There is, in fact, a journal outlining the methodology of CrossFit. This journal dispels the belief that there is no beginners program and that CrossFit is […]

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8 JANUARY 2014

Fitness Program Basics

Start Planning a Fitness Program Today Planning, starting and sticking to a fitness program is an age old challenge. The winter holidays offer a tsunami of reasons to eat more and move less. The Mayo Clinic offers advice on the basics components of a fitness program. Tips for Fitness Program Success Find a work out […]

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Weight Loss Tips - Health and Wellness Blog
28 JULY 2012

Weight Loss Tips

Look Your Best During the Holidays Is there a party or family get together coming up where you want to look your best? Many of us struggle to meet our yearly fitness goals in time for the holidays! Here are some tips that will help. Tips to Burn 100 Calories Get started burning 100 calories […]

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Personal Trainer Blog
24 JULY 2012

Choosing a Personal Trainer

Why Use a Personal Trainer? Life often gets in the way of our fitness and exercise plans. An exercise buddy can help motivate us to go to the gym but may lack the training to give advice on how to reach personal fitness goals. A qualified personal trainer has obtained credentials to design a balanced […]

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