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It is important to have fun over the holidays. The volume of luscious food and drink during the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas provide ample opportunity to enjoy once a year treats and rich foods. When the consequences sneak up and threaten to dampen your spirits, think about having a cup of tea.

A remedy for holiday overeating, overindulgence tea

Variety of mixed drinksThe holidays are here. It is that time when people try not to overindulge on the rich foods and alcohol. The problem is that with parties and multiple social and family engagements, it is easy to eat too much and not feel your best because of it. There are recommended remedies of hawthorn berry candy and classic herbal formulas for upset stomach. For those who forget, there are various herbal formulas that can be made from common kitchen ingredients when needed for holiday overindulgence.

The following herbal infusion or tea¬Ě is based on some classic Chinese Herbal formulas for upset stomach and bloating due to overeating. Traditional herbal formulas were often modified. Sometimes this was done to customize the formula to the patient. Many times special ingredients were not available, so substitutions would have to be made. It is unlikely that most people would have all the ingredients for this formula, so substitutions are given. Even with the substitutions the tea will help settle the upset stomach and have a pleasant taste. This tea could be used as an after holiday dinner beverage to help all guests settle their stomachs. This recipe is for brewing one cup/mug of tea for one person and all the ingredient amounts are approximate;

Overindulgence Tea

–1 tablespoon Oolong tea, Substitution; 1 teabag of black or green tea, or blended tea like Earl grey, black pekoe or English breakfast (flavored herbal teas like Camomile are not recommended)

–1 tablespoon of dried tangerine peel, Substitution; use dried or fresh orange peel or zest, or a splash of orange juice.

–1 slice of dried ginger, Substitution; 1 teaspoon dried ginger powder or fresh sliced ginger will work. Candied or jellied ginger candy also works well.

–Dash of sugar (omit if using ginger candy)

–Pour boiling water over ingredients and allow to steep. Drink hot

-If there is belching- add a dash of fennel seed

-If there is a dry scratchy throat- substitute honey for the sugar

-If there is bad breath- add mint leaf, or substitute a small mint candy for the sugar

-If there is strong burning in stomach- add 2 slices of canned bamboo shoots

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