Relax and Enjoy Gardening

Relax and Enjoy GardeningEscape to the Garden

The old saying, “Gardening is good for the soul” resonates as much in today’s world as in the past. For many the garden is a place of serenity, an oasis from the noise of everyday life. In fact, there are studies about the impact of gardening on your health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends 30-45 minutes per day as part of moderate-intensity physical activity.

Every April communities, organizations, and individuals nationwide celebrate gardening during National Garden Month. Gardeners know, and research confirms, that nurturing plants is good for us: attitudes toward health and nutrition improve, kids perform better at school, and community spirit grows.

Ways to Celebrate National Garden Month

Gardening is About Good Food

  • Start an herb garden indoors.
  • Plant a fruit tree or berries to provide your family with nutritious, healthy fruit.
  • Become an informed consumer by learning about food-related issues, such as genetic engineering and food irradiation.
  • Buy local honey and support a beekeeper or start keeping bees yourself in your garden!
  • Seek out and purchase locally grown foods.
  • Encourage local schools and restaurants to purchase locally garden grown produce.
  • Try “edible landscaping” by incorporating attractive edibles such as blueberry bushes and dwarf fruit trees into ornamental beds.

Plan and Plant Your Garden

  • Design and plant a garden to attract pollinators.
  • Plant a cutting garden so you can enjoy freshly cut bouquets all season long.
  • Plant herbs for making your own herbal tea (try mints, bee balm, or chamomile).
  • Grow a fragrance garden; include aromatic plants such as heliotrope, oriental lilies, nicotiana, and stock.
  • Plant a wildflower meadow.
  • Get a window box and fill with brightly colored annual flowers.
  • Grow healing herbs such as calendula and comfrey, and make your own healing salves and tinctures.

Source: The National Gardening Association


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