Yoga in Cincinnati, OH
You Do Yoga

7218 Beechmont Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45230

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Yoga in Cincinnati, OH
Located in beautiful historic Over-the-Rhine, You Do Yoga opened in early 2009.
Yoga in Cincinnati, OH
"I've been to many yoga studios and I have to say this one is my favorite! The staff is very experienced and helpful which makes for a fun and educational experience. Highly recommend you check them out!" - Michelle H.

"I really love You Do Yoga. They have lots of different classes and it seems that whatever your experience level, you will be fine. It's casual but serious but fun." - Leisa W.

"You Do Yoga is very down-to-earth. The studio has a calming effect on your senses in all ways. There is also a sense of community at many of the classes because of its location and the small student to teacher ratio." - Ann V.
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Our certified instructors specialize in adapting to the unique needs of each student, so anyone can attend any class – no matter what your flexibility or fitness level. Just participate within your own limits.

While many styles of yoga are represented at You Do Yoga, the emphasis of our training program is Taoist Yoga. Our approach is influenced primarily by three modern-day yogis: Paul Grilley, Paulie Zink, and Hiroshi Motoyama.

Taoist Yoga is not different at heart than any other form of hatha yoga. It involves bending and breathing, moving and meditation. Taoist traditions stem from China, Japan, and other far-eastern regions, but do not differ in their ultimate intention from the yogas of India. Taoist terms Yin and Yang help contrast extremes. Yang practices are dynamic – emphasizing movement, muscles, blood, and are effortful and energizing. Yin practices focus attention on the skeleton, joints, bones, bringing relaxation and meditation.

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You Do Yoga has a wide variety of yoga classes to suit any level of ability, from brand-new beginners to experienced yoga practitioners.

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