Health Food Stores in San Antonio, TX
Rhonda's Nature's Way Health Foods

8059 Callaghan Rd
San Antonio, TX 78230

Call: 210-344-1482


Hours of Operation
Monday-Saturday 9:30-5:30
Health Food Stores in San Antonio, TX
Rhonda's Natures Way health foods has been in business for over 35 years. There are 2 locations in San Antonio. The 1st store was opened at 624 S.W. Military Dr. at Shoppers City mall. The 2nd store was opened at 8059 Callaghan Rd. @ I10 W. and Callaghan at the Grandview shopping center. My mother, Vera Gross, started and owned the stores till 1999 when I (Rhonda Bone, her daughter) purchased both stores from her. This is when the stores were named Rhonda's Natures Way. We both as well as our staff have a PASSION to help and serve those who come to us .
Health Food Stores in San Antonio, TX
"We love what you do!" - Clint's Essentials

"I like shopping for nutritional supplements from Rhonda.She is always nice & gives advice on any health concern you might have. Her mother Vera also is a very friendly person to go to for answers to your nutritional needs." - Becky S.

"I can always count on Rhonda or Vera to help me find the product that will work best for me..and to find the product I need or am looking for..LOVE this store!!!!" - Earlene
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We carry a wide variety of products in both stores. Too many to list individually. Please call us with any questions you may have.

Health Food Stores Service Offerings
We offer mail orders, by going to the contact information area on the website.

Retail Excellence Award - Vitamin Retailer

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