Yoga in Cincinnati, OH
Lotus Yoga Temple

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Yoga in Cincinnati, OH
Lotus Yoga Temple is the school for unlearning, non-doing, and absolute being.
Yoga in Cincinnati, OH
"A brilliantly peaceful place that allows you to fully flourish in your practice. The classes & instructors here are great and the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind! " - Danielle R.

"I have attended several classes at this studio and it is one of my favorite yoga studios in the city. The instructors all have a wonderful pace and are very informative. I always feel so much better after leaving a class here. Thank you! " - Susan

"This is an excellent yoga school. The staff members are caring and well-trained. Also, the facility is beautiful, particularly the ceiling, which looks like lots of stars in the sky." - Ann
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Our Mission is manifold, but to get to the essence of what we endeavor to do requires taking a look at the essence of the meaning of Yoga. The Sanskrit word Yog(h) (that today we call Yoga) can be traced forward to the English word Yoke; which means to bind disconnected pieces back into a whole.

Though we teach a lot about asana (postures/stretching) we also hope that it becomes clear to our students that yoga goes far beyond the asana (posture) fetish that yoga has become most known for to most people today. For example, we also try to have regular classes or workshops on virtue, world religions, meditation, service to others, etc.

Lotus Yoga Temple is a place meant to honor all practices and all practitioners, that seek and aspire to edify and unify consciousness and society; this likewise involves a unity of many diverse styles of yoga / unity / wholeness practices. This is why you see so many different syles and yogic events honored at Lotus Yoga Temple.

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We offer Yoga Classes, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage.

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