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Find Local Health Experts in the Vitality Locator

Visit The Vitality LocatorWelcome to a unique online directory of local health and fitness professionals called the Vitality Locator. Use the Vitality Locator to search for practitioners and experts in your area from a variety of healthy lifestyle categories. Learn more about Vitality Directory.

Focus on Health and Longevity

Within this virtual health directory community find a wide variety of natural health and wellness blogs, recipes, tips and more. Locate wholesome restaurants, events and shopping in your neighborhood.

How to Leverage This Site

It’s Easy!

Move to the Front of the Line

The stars of Vitality Directory are the professional health and wellness members!

All you have to do is share your location when prompted and visit the Vitality Locator page. Member experts in a host of healthy lifestyle categories will be displayed. Your view can be limited by using the Vitality Locator tool to filter a single or multiple categories.

If you want to see the promotions offered by the pros that live in your area of town, visit the promotions page. To find happenings in and around your community, take a moment to view the events tab. Each page provides similar search and filtering options for ease of use!

Want to Become a Member?

Move to the Front of the Line

You Won’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Stand Out and Showcase Your Unique Expertise

When you join Vitality Directory’s Power Group as a Professional Member, you will always stand out within your professional category by county. When visitors search for your category you will be visible every time!

A Vitality Directory annual subscription is cost effective and provides high value. Securing a spot within your given profession provides you the best possible exposure with the auto-rotate function and filtering options. Your professional profile pages are a rich environment to showcase you and your business:

- Post schedules and events

- Showcase promos and videos

- Receive inquiries from those seeking your services

Avoid missing out on your listing and join today! Read more!

A Few Words from the President


The Vitality Directory staff has a genuine appreciation for the services that best in class health, wellness, nutrition and fitness professionals provide for the people living in the local community. We also share a passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle and support the mission of providers to offer quality choices for the betterment of each individual they serve. The inspiration to create the Vitality Directory site is the outcome of my association with mentors who demonstrate daily what it takes to live healthy, as do the respected providers who are listed on this site.

If you visited this site to seek out such resources, you have my personal invitation to explore the Vitality Directory Locator page where you will find an exclusive-power group of professionals in several health and wellness categories within your County. From links within each member’s unique Profile Pages you can access their websites, benefit from their promotions and connect with them via their local events, blogs and more. We encourage you to patronize our listed members and utilize their expertise.

The Vitality Directory staff has a genuine appreciation for the services that health, wellness, nutrition and fitness professionals provide for the people living in the local community.

To elaborate briefly on my personal motivation, my family tradition is rich with wellness and longevity strategies. My grandparents (Joseph & Helen Roarty) were married for over 75 years and lived to a healthy 100 years of age-both of them! They lovingly embodied the principals of integrity, humor, hard work and a daily regime of whole foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and lots of fruit and vegetables. Carrying the torch for the next generation, my parents (Michael & Judy Roarty) raised us with a proper diet and physical fitness. In addition, they introduced us to personal goal setting, an appreciation of the accomplishments that follow and the world of building businesses successfully.

It is in this environment that I offer love, respect and gratitude to my family, our friends and the Vitality Directory team as we carry on the tradition of engaging all those close to us in our passion for a healthy way of life, success and VITALITY!

Kevin Roarty


Vitality Directory, Inc.

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