Healthy Weight Week

Give Up Dieting

Healthy Weight Week – January 19-23, 2015 – has been around for 25 years and encourages a change in lifestyle as opposed to dieting as the best approach for losing weight. Each year resources are offered to help educate people on the truth behind the latest hype associated with solutions promoted for losing weight. In addition, simple free tools are offered to support the advice offered on their website. Green Mountain at Fox Run has been the sponsor for Healthy Weight Week since 2014.

Changing the Conversation Around Health and Weight

Healthy Weight Week which started 25 years ago, serves to help people understand that health really isn’t about a number – on the scale or otherwise – and to encourage people to stop dieting and pursue livable and sustainable healthy lifestyles through eating well, living actively and feeling good about themselves. Healthy Weight Week encourages women to improve health habits in lasting ways by eating well without dieting, living actively and feeling good about themselves and others.

Diet Mentality Quiz2015 Slim Chance Award Summary

The Slim Chance Awards expose the most most misguided claims made each year in the weight loss field, as determined by an independent panel of weight management experts.  The awards were designed to build awareness around the futility and dangers associated with popular diet schemes.
-Worst Weight Loss Approach: Meal Replacement & Food Supplement Plans
-Most Overrated Weight Loss Approach: Point- & Calorie-Counting Systems
-Most Outrageous Approach: BMI Report Cards

Take the Diet Mentality Quiz

Find out if the way you are thinking is causing you to gain weight.

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5 Steps to Find Your Healthy Weight

How Do You Know if You’re at Your Healthy Weight?

A healthy weight is a person’s natural weight, one that is achieved and maintained with healthy attitudes and behaviors. It’s very individual, based primarily on genetics. For instance, if you come from a long line of tall, slim ancestors, you have a good chance of looking like them. If your ancestors are short and stocky, that’s what you might see in the mirror. All the healthy eating and exercise in the world can’t change that. It can only optimize your basic nature.

In addition to genetics, there are certain attitudes and lifestyle behaviors that will contribute to you finding and settling at your healthy weight. Ask yourself if you are doing these 5 things:

STEP 1: Eat According to Internal Cues for Hunger and Satisfaction

STEP 2: Enjoy a Mix of Foods that Leave You Feeling Well

STEP 3: Be Physically Active for Well-Being Rather than Weight Loss

STEP 4: Accept the Natural Diversity of Body Sizes and Shapes

STEP 5: Live a Full Life that isn’t Focused on How You Look

If you are practicing these behaviors and attitudes most of the time, you feel well, and your weight seems to stay within a certain range, you may be at your healthy weight. A scale won’t tell you if you’re there. Your body will.

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Health Weight Week is sponsored by Green Mountain at Fox Run. Founded by a now famous Registered Dietitian, their core business is providing help for women through healthy lifestyle changes taught during retreats at their Weight Loss Resort located in South-Central Vermont.



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