Health Benefits of Chewing Your Food

Chew Your Food for Better Digestion

Chew your way to better health!

A Simple Method to Improve Health

How you chew your food can quickly and positively impact your health. If you want to increase energy, improve sleep, and focus your mind better, all you have to do is change one small eating habit.

Why Chewing Your Food Can Change Your Life

“Make sure and chew your food.” Didn’t we all hear this statement countless times growing up?

Well, there is certainly some wisdom to be gained from this common phrase, and here are some reasons why chewing your food completely can change your quality of life for the better.

1. It triggers digestion

Digestion begins with chewing. When you chew your food thoroughly, you begin to mechanically break it down into smaller and smaller particles. As you chew, you secrete saliva, and saliva coats your food with the enzymes amylase and lipase. These enzymes begin to digest fats and starches right in your mouth.

2. Signals your digestive tract to gear up and do its job

Chewing signals the body to begin the digestion process. It alerts the stomach to prepare to make stomach acid, and it signals the pancreas to prepare to secrete its contents into the small intestinal tract.

3. Helps ensure proper digestion

Digestive enzymes and stomach acid only work on the surface of food fragments. By chewing your food completely, there will be a larger the surface area available for your digestive enzymes and stomach acid to digest. Think about it, if you swallow a large glob of food, only the outer portion of it will be easily accessible for your digestive enzymes and stomach acid to break down. When you have chewed your food until it’s basically liquefied, your digestive enzymes and stomach acid will easily be able to coat it and do their job.

4. Promotes growth and repair in the body

Food is complex and contains many types of molecules including proteins. Proteins are critical because they are broken down into amino acids, and amino acids are the building blocks for growth and repair. They are essential for life – we cannot create or store amino acids in our body and lack of chewing creates a barrier to the digestion of proteins and ultimately to the digestion of amino acids.

5. It’s a foundation for disease prevention

Chewing is fundamental for disease prevention. By chewing your food completely, you support your body in the digestion of its building blocks. By properly digesting and absorbing these building blocks, you can expect increased energy, improved sleep, and increased focus.

Take action today!

Chew your food until it’s liquefied and enjoy better health.

By Dr. Alejandra Carrasco

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