Nutrition And Diet

Vegetarian Diet Basics

Vegetarian Diet Basics

Add One Vegetarian Drink to Your Diet Per Day After using a juicer for a month it became clear that it’s easier than most people think to eat, or more accurately…drink a vegetarian diet. The healthy feeling in the body’s core after consuming a juiced fruit and/or vegetable drink is most closely compared to the […]

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Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Family Traditions – Eating Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Parents have a life long impact on the eating habits of the family. Having grown up the daughter of a former farmer, meal time included generous helpings of fruits and vegetables…most of which were recognizable. Whole artichokes, rutabaga, turnips and eggplant are just some of the vegetables […]

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Focus on Honey
27 AUGUST 2013

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey – Tasty and Healthy Honey on toast, tea and honey, PP&J with honey, honey glazed ham and honey on oatmeal are just a few of the many ways to serve honey. Who knew that honey has a lower glycemic index (GI) than sugar? There are studies on the health benefits of honey that encompass […]

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Farmers Markets-Eat Fresh, Buy Local
30 JULY 2013

Farmers Markets – Eat Fresh, Shop Local

Farmers Markets Gaining in Popularity According to the latest statistics, 5% of all U.S. farms are engaged in local food systems. Locally grown and organic foods are also expected to be among the trends with the greatest growth potential in the produce industry. Although consumer interest in local foods has some of its roots in […]

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Family Meal Month
26 JULY 2013

Sharing Family Meals

Celebrate Family Meals There are many benefits of eating together as a family. Some family meals are more uplifting than others, however the benefits make the effort worthwhile. Whether your family consists of a spouse, friends or children, sitting down and sharing a meal together does take some planning. Sharing the Family Meal Among the […]

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3 JULY 2013

Blueberry Healthy Superfood

Health Benefits of the Blueberry Everything is right about eating blueberries! Whether you eat them fresh, frozen, dried or canned, blueberries are a winner when it comes to good nutrition. A versatile fruit, the blueberry can be served cold, paired successfully with a number of other healthy foods from cucumbers to spinach or added to stews […]

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Kicking the sugar habit 2013
14 MAY 2013

Kicking the Sugar Habit

We Love Sugar If you are missing Twinkies it is a good sign. Choosing alcohol or dark chocolate in its place is regrettably discouraged. Then there are the yearly holidays that encourage our sweet tooth and come so close together that we hardly have time to finish off specialized sugary treats between them. Our dieting […]

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20 FEBRUARY 2013

Health Benefits of Chewing Your Food

A Simple Method to Improve Health How you chew your food can quickly and positively impact your health. If you want to increase energy, improve sleep, and focus your mind better, all you have to do is change one small eating habit. Why Chewing Your Food Can Change Your Life “Make sure and chew your […]

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14 FEBRUARY 2013

Bok Choy for Health

Nutrient Rich Bok Choy If you haven’t tried bok choy it’s time. This healthy green is packed with nutrients and is very flavorful. Bok choy is a Chinese cabbage with a taste unlike the lettuce looking cabbage most people are familiar with. The stalk tastes a bit like a combination of celery and Swiss chard. The leafy […]

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Cheating on you diet
24 JANUARY 2013

It’s Healthy to Cheat on Your Diet?

Permission To Vary From Your Diet is Granted There is good news for thousands of people who diet to improve their health. A little cheating on the diet one meal at a time is better than ignoring the diet for an entire day. However, the calorie count for the day when varying should not exceed […]

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